Current Meters ISM-2001 C & F


Inductive current meters to be connected to data acquisition systems or to probes

ISM-2001C ISM-2001F Inductive current meters ISM-2001C and ISM-2001F
ISM_2001C ISM_2001F


Measuring range: ± 3 m/s (maximal ± 5 m/s)

Accuracy: ± (0,5% Reading + 0,5% F.S.)

Discus sensor: Ø 85 mm; thickness approx. 30 mm

Shaft: Ø 16 mm; length approx. 170 mm

Housing: Ø 40 mm; lengths without connectors: 145 mm (C) / 110 mm (F)

Weight (in air): 1,55 kp (C) / 1,25 kp (F)

Deployment depth: 1000 m

Current supply: 80 mA @ 12 VDC ± 10% (standard)

Outputs: 0 ... 5 V (standard)

Deep sea versions are available on request.

The version ISM-2001F can be connected to the bottom of a CTD probe or a logger. A compass can be integrated when the instrument is not fixed to a metallic infrastructure.

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